Bronsun Notes for Cream Dyes

Bronsun Notes for Cream Dyes

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Everything about new Bronsun Cream Dyes in a Notebook!

Created by Colour Technologist @artistka_makeup, this notebook - is an educational manual about Bronsun Cream Dyes will be your helper and will teach you everything you need to know about Bronsun Cream Dyes.

  • Step by step algorithm on how to work with the dye
  • Bronsun Cream Dyes Colouristics
  • Bronsun Cream Dyes Colour sheet, Colour direction and colour nuances 
  • How to determine the hair level and the depth of the hair colour of your client 
  • How to determine the type of hair you are working with 
  • Correct mixing formulas and how to choose a perfect shade for your client
  • Examples of the results  

Learn everything about the cream dyes and create the most amazing custom mixes!